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Project Description

Generation tool for random queries in SQL in the Windows environment. Can produce random queries, tables, deletes, and updates as well as generate random data for a table. Structured to allow easy adaptation for other SQL implementations as well.
Quickly run random commands on your database for testing with almost no effort.

Insert 100 random records
PgSqlGenerator pg = new PgSqlGenerator("", 5432, "postgres", "sql", "my_database");
Table people = pg.GetTable("people");
QueryInformation report = pg.ExecuteBulkInsert(people, 100);

//now check the results:
Console.WriteLine("Query: " + report.Query);
Console.WriteLine("Time Taken: " + report.Time);
Console.WriteLine("Records Affected: " + report.Affected);


  • .Net 4.0
  • One of the following Databases:
    • PostgreSQL 7.0+

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